For me, that word produces a variety of images and feelings:

  • A safe place where I can truly be myself, relax, revive, and let down my guard.
  • An environment that is comfortable, familiar, even inspiring.
  • A refuge where I invite others to come for friendship, encouragement, fun, food, and a time to refocus.
  • A non-judgment zone.
  • A reflection of our family’s values – a place where you can experience what is important to us about life because you experience it and see it in every room.
  • A place where basic needs are met and everyone is celebrated equally.
  • Room to be broken, joyful, angry, tired, delighted, clam, peaceful, or hidden away for a time.
  • A place that honors our history, supports our present, and equips us for the future.

And I never once mentioned that it was organized, did I?

For me, organizing isn’t about containers, storage, alphabetizing, color-coding, or trips to the donation center, though it certainly does include all those elements.

The heart of organizing is to first capture a snapshot of you and your heart – what makes tick, and what delights your very soul. If you’re able to tell me three to five things your life is “all about,” then my goal is to help you sculpt a home environment that reflects that list. Your home is a giant 3D sculpture of what you value and enjoy in life. If you’re all about family, nature, and faith, we’re going to discuss the need to shed the obstacles that are preventing you from focusing your time on those passions.

I begin with the assumption that you are unique and valuable. Your home will be just as unique. I believe you’re worth the work and effort of removing any roadblock that’s keeping you from enjoying life and becoming everything you were created to be. Your stuff is here to serve you – not the other way around. You have a life to live and the rest of us will be impacted by you – once you’re freed from being a slave to clutter, feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, having too much to do with too little time, or being paralyzed by the disarray in your house. Sometimes a person just doesn’t even know where to begin.

Life is short. And precious. All I want to do is help you push back whatever is standing in your way so you can do and be everything you’re passionate about.

Ready to get started? I’m here if you need help.

Sheri Bertolini

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