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Organizing Services for Your Home and Your Business

Organizing Associates, Inc. (OAI) in Mobile, AL is led by professional organizer, Lee Donald. She and her team specialize in helping busy people organize their homes and businesses to improve the way they work and live. With insightful solutions, OAI turns chaos and clutter into smooth-running systems to improve productivity and reduce stress. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your home and office again?

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Take our 3-minute quiz and find your unique organizing style. Learn how our organizing professionals work with your style to help you succeed and gain peace of mind.

Try Virtual Organizing!

For people who prefer to reduce cost, remain flexible, and keep it on their schedule, OAI also offers Virtual Organizing. One of our judgment-free professional organizers will meet you on a video call, help you develop a plan to organize your spaces room by room, and coach you to success. With each session, you’re supported with email follow-up and accountability. Our clients love this type of organizing service. Why not give it a try!

Business Spaces

Operate your business with greater efficiency and productivity.

Residential Spaces

Organize or minimize, we’re here to help your home find its happy place.

A Trusted Team

With over 30 years of experience, OAI is a trusted partner at work and at home.

Organizational Systems to Help You Thrive

We all live busy lives and our commitments leave little time to develop or maintain organizational systems. Over the years, we accumulate more and more, filling our offices, storage areas, pantries, kitchens and closets to overflowing.

Imagine your joy as one space after another becomes more usable. Our professional organizers delight in helping you turn your home and office into hard-working, well-organized, and most importantly, peaceful places to live and work. You’ll learn new ways to make decisions on what to keep, donate or discard. You’ll also learn how to maintain order so your new organizing systems stay that way. We can make suggestions to family members and coworkers too. Let’s get started!

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