Moving? There is much to consider, so check out the tips below:


Plan and Budget- what type of move, what is your budget?

Are you moving across town or across the country? Is this an individual move or the whole family? Will you be splitting your time between two places and need to duplicate some items? What is your budget?  Are you able to hire a moving company to box and move you or will this be DIY? Some have found it beneficial to use a combination of the two, packing themselves and hiring a company to move the packed boxes or hiring a moving company to move large items. These questions can help you begin to plan your move. Write your plan down and if you are using a moving company or renting a moving truck, begin making these calls, get quotes, and add it to your notes.


Clean out, de-clutter, toss!

Moving is the perfect opportunity to pare down. Everyone who moves seems to have the infamous “junk drawer.” Whether it’s an actual drawer of junk – assorted papers, condiment packets, old tools, fruit, and vegetable rubber bands, twist ties, and matches, or limited to a couple of things, it must be packed. Ask yourself: “Do I want to wait until I get to my wonderful new home to throw away out-of-date ketchup and broken twist ties?” Hopefully, the answer is “no.” Apply this question to everything in your home, and the amount of discarded items will grow. If you are planning to sell your home before you move, this step is even more important to help your home sell. What do you do with your stuff after you have cleaned out and identified items you are not using? If it’s junk, throw it out! This can be hard for some, but it is imperative. There are additional options if your items are in good condition.


Donate or hold a garage sale

Items in good shape can be donated, there is an opportunity to receive a tax deduction by donating to a local nonprofit or charity organization. If you have the time, a garage sale is a good opportunity to sell items you do not use or will not be used in your new space for profit. Three garage sale rules to follow: price your items to sell, advertise the sale well, and have plenty of inventory well displayed and clearly priced. If you do not have enough inventory to make the sale appear full ask family, friends, and neighbors if they want to go in on the sale with you. Advertise the sale as multi-family. Having the extra hands of your participating family, friends, and neighbors at the garage sale is also helpful. Garage sales have the potential to make thousands. Use your newly acquired funds towards services to help you in your move!


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