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Enjoy your home again!  Let’s conquer the clutter and restore a sense of peace and tranquility.

Are You Ready to Conquer the Chaos?

Many people say they “didn’t get the organizing gene”. But psychological research tells us that different people have completely different organizing styles in their homes, in the way they work, and in their lives in general. And that’s OK! We just need to learn how to harness our individual styles to make the most of our limited spaces. If you’re ready to conquer your chaos but the thought of where to begin is daunting and overwhelming, know that it’s possible AND… it can be easy with the right plan and extra hands.

That’s where Organizing Associates, Inc. (OAI) comes in. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you assess your organizing style and work with you to develop manageable systems that you and your family can maintain over time. Imagine the serenity you’ll feel living in a beautifully organized and comfortable home, running smoothly on systems you help design and maintain.

Are You Ready to Organize Your Storage, Closets, Pantry, Garage, and Kitchen?

Organization is not about being “perfect”. It’s a process of improving, not a single event. Organizing your home often begins by assessing where you are going to put items that need a place of their own and organizing those areas first. It’s often best to start with your storage spaces, like a closet or your garage, because once that area is streamlined, you’ll have a place to store other items that need to go there. Similarly, when you come home from the grocery store, you can’t put away your food unless there’s room in the refrigerator. The same principle applies here.

One of our professional organizers will come to your home and work with you to make a plan to return your home to the sanctuary you know it can be. This is where having an extra pair of hands  and someone to bounce ideas off of really helps. We might start by reorganizing a closet, pantry or garage, then your kitchen and attic. Sometimes our clients want us to downsize and organize their existing spaces. Others want us to design new closet systems or garage storage systems that store much more than their current spaces hold. It’s all up to you. And it just takes a moment to get started!

Downsizing and Move Management Is Easier When We Help

Many find that over the years of living in the same house, not only have they outgrown their storage areas, but they really don’t need as many rooms as they did in earlier stages of life. If downsizing is what you want, but you have no idea how to manage all the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years, let us help. We’re experienced in helping people like you move into smaller homes while still keeping and storing the things that you love. We can also manage the entire move for you, including white glove unpacking and setting up your kitchen, pantry and closets. Let’s get started!


OAI was great with our move. They not only managed the entire move, combining two houses into one on a tight time frame, but also found a Master Plumber for us on a holiday weekend. When they left, the empty boxes and packing materials did also. Thank you OAI!

Leah Patrick

Thank you so much for coming over today! I love your ideas and enthusiasm. We appreciate all you have done for us. I can’t believe what a difference you have made in our home and lives. I truly respect your ideas and opinions so much. Thank you!!

Meredith W. Rice

I have gotten reacquainted with my kitchen and other areas of the house.  And, yes, things are moving along so much better than they were before.  You and your team did a great job for us.  It has made a huge positive difference

Susan Jones


Closet Organization

  • Have a closet that works “sort of”? We can help.
  • Does your closet not work for you the way it did for the previous homeowner?
  • Do you just need help deciding what to keep and what to donate?

Closet Design

  • Would you like to have a closet that looks like the one in the magazine but don’t know where to begin?
  • They call it a “coat” closet but it’s just too small.
  • Are children sharing a bedroom closet and you need more hanging or shelves?

Move Management

  • We help you make decisions regarding where to begin for your type of move.
  • We get mover estimates, cleaning estimates, handle donations for you.
  • Everything is scheduled from the packing, to the move dates, to the white glove unpack service.

Garage Organization

  • Would you like to park your car inside the garage?
  • Are you getting ready to put your house on the market?
  • Would you like to use part of the garage space as a workroom?

Garage Design

  • How would you like to use the space?
  • Do you hunt and fish or prefer biking?
  • If working from your car is big part of your life, we can design the space to reduce steps.


  • Just because it’s a pantry it does not have to be cluttered.
  • Would you like to get more out of this space?
  • Tired of buying something you already have three of, but you can’t see it?

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