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Transform your office environment and your team’s productivity with organized spaces — and systems to keep them that way

Are your Business Storage, Warehouse, and Office Spaces Working to Your Advantage?

Do you spend more time looking for files than you should? It’s a common problem. When we start in business, we seldom plan for the type of growth that can leave our short and long term storage systems woefully inadequate. As we grow, our files often end up in piles stuck in corners and on tables, or in that computer file that we have forgotten what we named it!

We’ve successfully helped many businesses revamp their office organizing systems so they no longer lose files and instead learn how to successfully store and retrieve information for future reference. From your executive office to your library, your storeroom of blueprints to your entire warehouse… our professional OAI organizer will listen to you, then develop and implement a plan of action to create the best solutions for your business. Let us help you get your business organized and then we’ll work with you and your team to provide skills for storage solutions for a lifetime!

Your ability to quickly assess our needs – sort through mountains of paper – and offer workable, cost effective solutions was without parallel. You were able to give us hands-on training for the ideas we have heard in seminars and read in many books. Equity Technologies is proud to be one of your many satisfied customers. 

C.S. Anderson-Giles,

President/CEO, Equity Technologies, Inc

We Also Provide Relocation Management

Sometimes, even the most organized office simply runs out of space. Let us help you relocate your business while you keep working. We can update your files for offsite storage, manage an office or warehouse redesign before your move, oversee the remodeling, declutter and organize your offices before packing, manage the movers on move day, unpack boxes, and set up beautiful new spaces and systems at your new location. Our goal is to take the pressure off you as your business continues. In the process, we save you both time and money.

We also offer a free phone consultation to answer your questions. Sound good? Let’s get started!

See What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Our Work

We’ve been helping business get organized for over 30 years and our clients tell us their efficiency and peace of mind at work have been dramatically improved by simply learning how to deal with the clutter of everyday business. Take a look at our testimonials below. You may recognize the names of business professionals who’ve trusted us with helping them get organized at work and learning how to stay that way. Let’s get started  with a consultation today.


I am light years from where I was just four months ago regarding control over my work load.  Then I was in gridlock and now the traffic is in line, it is lighter, and I can see the end of the tunnel.  Thank you for everything.  You have made a profound impact for good for me. Wish we had met when I was in the Senate!

William L. Roberts

CEO, Cogburn Health Services, Inc

Lee Donald of Organizing Associates, Inc. has helped us organize our active files, inactive files, and reference materials. She has also provided valuable recommendations to improve office efficiency and time management advice on an individual basis. We have been very pleased with the results of her work and have found her services to be extremely valuable to our company.

Keville Larson

RF/ACF, Larson & McGowin, Inc., Forest Managers & Consultants

“The manner in which you rearranged the office area was an added bonus. The room looks so much larger since you reorganized its contents, and it too brings pleasure now instead of the usual stress. You really have a gift and it is wonderful for you to share it and improve the lives of others in that way.”

Katherine W. Willis

Law Office Manager

File Organization

  • Set up a system that actually works for you
  • Pack / Unpack file boxes
  • Update files for offsite storage

Workroom/Storage Organization

  • Redesign storage space for maximum use
  • Create a system for current space storage
  • Set up a system for supply purchases – no more duplications!  

Move Management

  • Organize offices to be ready for the move
  • Manage Move Day
  • Unpack and set up offices post move – you focus on business and we focus on boxes

Organizing Associates has assisted me in organizing my office and work areas as well as developing a database of over 1000 recipes for companies such as Cooking Light, Betty Crocker, Better Homes and Gardens and McCormick.  It gives me great pleasure to recommend the services of OAI to anyone wanting to greatly improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Nancy S. Hughes,

Cookbook Author and Food Consultant

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