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We would love to help you take back your spaces, get organized, and feel in control! Regardless of the state of your home or office, our mission is to help you remove the clutter, create solutions, and achieve your goals. Whether it’s designing various types of storage spaces, cleaning out a pantry organizing your garage, setting up a filing system, organizing an office or managing a relocation project for your home or business, we’ve got the right professional for you with the experience you need.

What is important to you is important to us. We listen, offer suggestions, develop a plan, and schedule a date to begin achieving your goals. It’s that easy. Let’s get started!

I recently worked with Lee and her team on a remodeling project in Mobile. They are the best and know their stuff! Every aspect of the job was so organized and thorough. You are in good hands here!

– Janice Tipton Edwards, Interior Designer

Thank you so much for coming over today! I love your ideas and enthusiasm. We appreciate all you have done for us. I can’t believe what a difference you have made in our home and lives. I truly respect your ideas and opinions so much. Thank you!!

– Meredith W. Rice

Thanks for the hard work. Your team is great!

– Bob Poncet, Lead, Program Control Office, Stennis Space Center, NASA

Thank you for all you have done to move us into our new offices. Within a year we have doubled the size of our business with your guidance and encouragement.

– B. Boozer Downs, Attorney

The office area looks so much larger since you reorganized its contents, and it, too, brings pleasure now instead of the usual stress. You really have a gift and it is wonderful for you to share it and improve the lives of others in that way.

– Katherine W. Willis, Law Office Manager

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you showing me how to organize my life with the laundry room and closets you created for us. I took what I learned to my work space and transformed my work life as well. I can’t believe what a difference it has made and the peace of mind I now feel. No more frantically searching for things; everything is right where it’s supposed to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.

– Meredith W. Rice

Meet the On-Site Organizing Team

Our experienced team members have varied backgrounds and specialize in many areas of organizing related to home and business. Once we know your vision and your challenges, we’ll match you with the best organizer for your project


“Lee has a unique ability to quickly assess, sort through mountains of paper, and offer workable, cost effective solutions that are without parallel.” Since 1992, as President of Organizing Associates, Inc, Lee Donald has been passionately helping corporate, professional, small business clients, and homeowners become better organized, while improving overall efficiency.

Lee has been interviewed by the Washington Post, Clear Channel Stations, Fox Stations, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens and Parenting Magazine along with other national and local media. She is a recognized expert in the field of teaching organizational skills to adults with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD).  Lee enjoys volunteering space design, computer program development and file management  to organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Victory Health Partners, and the Jefferson County American Federation of Teachers Classroom Makeover Project.


Bridget believes there are enough resources and materials available today to make our everyday lives beautiful AND functional. Her leadership experience with non-profit organizations over the past 25 years has earned her problem-solving skills in an array of environments, cultures, and personalities. With a strong vision and work ethic, she provides homes and businesses with living and workspaces that assist people at being their best. Bridget and her husband of 25 years have 4 children and reside in Mobile, Alabama. They currently own a custom woodworking company, as well as a non-profit missional organization with ties to Honduras, Albania, and Israel. She loves traveling, baking bread, and making music.


When it comes to unpacking and putting away, Jackie has decades of experience. She is great at understanding the client’s needs, and follows through to completion. Her kind patience with people is a bonus, especially in stressful circumstances. Jackie can assess a situation and make excellent recommendations regarding overall set up of a space, as well as follow the client’s instructions on their preferred method. On any project, she is a valuable associate.


For more than 20 years Melanie has been assisting small business in growth and development.  She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs elevate their business to the next level.  By managing key projects and operations, she allows clients to focus on strategic growth and development. Melanie has a background in administration, finance, and real estate.  She resides in Fairhope, Alabama, and loves to spend time cooking in her kitchen and building or remodeling homes. She is excellent in working with people who have schedules or projects that keep them TOO busy.  Learn how to prioritize and work through situations to reach successful solutions.


Jenny has always been passionate about creating an aesthetically-pleasing home by designing or constructing the correct type of space and function for all the things you own and to make those spaces more beautiful, productive, and functional so you have more time to enjoy life. Before having children, she worked in customer service and management positions which helped her understand the importance of having an organized space. She then made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom and spent 18 years home-schooling her four children and also helping her husband remodel, build, and design home interiors, which she is passionate about. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, traveling and exploring near and far, spending quality time with her family, and gardening.

Meet the Virtual Organizing Team

In addition to our on-site organizers who come to your home or office, we offer Virtual Organizing. This service is for people who feel confident to do it  themselves with remote coaching from one of our pros. These professionals will meet with you via video calling and help you organize your office or home… on your schedule, and on your terms.

Elizabeth, Senior Executive Organizer

Elizabeth encourages and inspires the busy, overwhelmed, and professional women who are searching for a happy, healthy, and vibrant life. She helps women overcome the feeling of being stuck and irritated through her PeRFeCTLY.FLAWeD Process. Elizabeth’s step-by-step process unlocks breakthroughs for women while providing a foundation to develop personal clarity, true connection to others, and bold confidence.

If you are a DIYer and want to learn some organizing tricks from a professional, be sure to check out Elizabeth’s comprehensive Organize with Confidence Program, available on Amazon. Elizabeth shares proven tools to conquer clutter, organize like a pro, and reclaim your life. Learn the tools it’s taken her 25 years to develop!! This workbook will make HUGE changes in your life! With this unique book you can write your notes and action steps on every page. With the Organize with Confidence Program you will see changes in your life, home, and work immediately! This book includes over 85 downloadable pages of directions, forms, and templates you need so you can get organized at the home and office.

Sheri, Senior Executive Organizer

Sheri believes the journey of organizing can be emotional because it’s about us and our stuff – the memories, the meaning, the value we see in each and every item. Often, the end result of organizing is finding extra space, peace of mind … and finding you again. But at the beginning, it’s easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed. Sheri will help you take a step back, take a deep breath, and identify what’s really important to you.

If you’re looking for motivation and direction to get started, Sheri has written My Intentional Life: Connecting Your Heart with Your Life and Home.  Organizing your home is one thing. Building a home that reflects and supports you is another. A self-proclaimed “imperfect perfectionist,” Sheri guides you through reconnecting with your heart, building a culture in your home, then organizing based on standards you create from your values and vision. Learn how to navigate change, assess your keepsakes, curb your shopping, and build your personal standard for measuring everything in your home to see if it “fits you.” If you’re tired of trying to stuff a size-14 life into a size-8 house, get intentional . . . connect your heart to your home!

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