Toss or Keep? How to Decide?

Recently while working with a client who is moving to another state, I realized that they would be a great example for others to follow. They had already taken care of their tax information, delivered the important information to their accountant, and had scheduled appointments with their banker and others to be sure all is in order for the move.
open-chestAs we sat together going through over 40 years of collections and memorabilia, they began to make decisions that to some may seem “ruthless”. Old papers and documents not related to anything they own now were tossed and/or shredded. Most photos were kept, but the ones that weren’t were discarded because there was no identifying information on them and no way to discover who the people were. Even some holiday cards received from family members were tossed because there was no significance to them now!

At one point I asked “Are you SURE you want to let that go?” regarding an item to be taken to re-sale. With a smile, they replied in the affirmative and out it went.Over and over the client made difficult decisions regarding “things” that did not have any value to them now.

Here’s the Secret to Simple Living

I asked how they were able to discard things that usually meant so much to other clients I have worked with in the past. It is amazing to me that not once have I heard this client say “I might need it some day” as an excuse to keep a “thing”.They told me that if they still use an item, if it’s something that makes them happy, or could bring joy to others in their family, they kept it, and if not, they didn’t. It was that simple!

How wonderful it is to work with others who value the joy of people over things. I will remember this client’s wisdom when it’s my turn to de-clutter.

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