Are Your Weekends Stressing You Out?

You know you have too much on your plate when Monday rolls around and you ask yourself “Was that a weekend?” Now Monday is here again and you begin your week feeling tired and stressed. Did you put too much on your plate for the previous weekend that did nothing but further stress you instead of rejuvenate you? You may have gotten a lot done physically but was it worth it?

Think about it – what did you do last weekend that really could have waited until some time in the future OR that didn’t really need to be done at all? Was it cleaning out the attic, painting the garage floor, or mopping the basement? You get the picture – was the thing that took your time and energy really what you needed to do? Was there a true purpose to the activity that you expended so much energy on? If so, GREAT! Congratulations on getting the house ready for the party, or for house guests, or to be placed on the market soon, but if not, well, you know…

Did you allow time for any personally enjoyable activities? Not just fun for others, but for you as well. I am not suggesting that you always place yourself first on the list; I’m simply suggesting that it is healthy for you to be on the “Fun Activity” list somewhere. If working in your container garden is rejuvenating then do that. If rock climbing is fun for you, then do that. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do something each weekend that relaxes you and lets the stress leave your system; so when Monday arrives you will have the energy and mental capacity to properly focus on your work.

Spend some time on you each weekend and become the person that people want to emulate and not the one they dread seeing on Monday! That’s a great individual to be.

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