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Finally… the perfect organizing solution to fit your lifestyle!

What’s Keeping You from Getting Organized?

Are you ready to conquer your chaos, but getting organized seems out of reach?  Do you have a tight budget, inflexible schedule or are you anxious about having someone in your home or office?  Getting organized is possible AND it can be easy with the right plan. With virtual organizing sessions, you will find that you can keep your cost down, remain flexible, and on your terms.

Through virtual organizing sessions and personalized one-on-one support we can create the right plan with you, focusing on your individual needs and your challenges. We can help fix one space in your home or office, or every space. Your professional organizer will provide judgment-free sessions filled with valuable information that you can continue using on your own between sessions and beyond. Whether you schedule one session or more, at the end of your project, we will outline strategies to prevent chaos from coming back.

Here’s How Virtual Organizing Works…  Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We start with a consultation, develop a plan of action, schedule our video calls and follow up with email support. We schedule sessions based on your availability and budget. Organizing virtually is fun and having your own professional organizer work with you every step of the way helps ensure your success– on your terms!

Contact Us today to schedule your 30-minute consultation. Let’s get started!

#1 Free Consultation

  • First, schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation.
  • During our phone call, we will discuss:
    • Your Project and your challenges.
    • Your vision and goals for your spaces.
    • How virtual organizing works.
    • Scheduling and pricing of our services.
  • Next Step – Schedule your 1st Virtual Organizing session!

#2 Virtual Organizing Session

  • We’ll meet online using Facetime or Zoom.
  • You’ll take us on a walkthrough of your project.
  • Together we’ll create the right plan for your specific needs.
  • We’ll begin organizing right away in this session!
  • We’ll set achievable goals for our next session.

#3 Ongoing Support

  • As our client you’ll receive:
    • An email summary of our time together following each session.
    • Detailed plans that you can accomplish before our next session.
    • Email support and encouragement between sessions.
    • Specific strategies to prevent chaos from coming back.

The patience and understanding provided to me by OAI staff allowed me to feel comfortable in sharing my messy lifestyle. My productivity has increased, and I have learned important skills that I continue to apply.  I highly recommend OAI’s service to anyone who finds organizing challenging.


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