One of our wonderful colleagues in the organizing profession has just done a class at UCLA. Regina Lark, CEO of A Clear Path, is teaching the fundamentals of organization when it comes to your workspace.

The following is a glimpse to the article about building job skills in which Regina was interviewed. The article is from  UCLA Today, dated May 11, 2009:

“When people cut through the clutter in their workspace, it makes them feel more professional and accomplished,” said Lark, CEO of A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life. “They love their new space, they feel more productive and they feel like they can find everything. Some people treat their workspaces as extensions of their home, and it comes to look very unprofessional.”

She recalled in-office workshops she’s led where she found herself walking into cubicles and offices littered with old food and overwhelmed by towers of paper and books.
“It’s a health and safety issue,” she said. “One woman had books stacked so high she had a pile of books fall on her and ended up with a lump on the head.”
She offered a mini-version of her course, hitting the highlights:
  1. Make sure you have time to clean. “Your space didn’t get cluttered overnight, and it won’t get uncluttered all at once. If you don’t set aside enough time, you’ll get frustrated.”
  2. Acknowledge that clearing your workspace means throwing some things away. “Ask yourself, will my life be better served with or without this?”
  3. While you clean, make temporary piles: things to toss, things to recycle, things to file and things to send to the office archives.
  4. After you clean, set up a filing system, and deal with new papers as they come to you, instead of waiting until the papers become new piles.
  5. Take time at the end of your work day to prepare your desk for the next morning.

“Being able to find things can save money,” Lark added. “You have no idea how much money is wasted on campus buying supplies that someone already has tucked away in the bowels of their desk.”

You can read the entire article here.

Congratulations, Regina!

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