How to Make the Decision to Relocate

Do you have anxious feelings at the thought of moving to a new office space in your building or even relocating your entire business? If so, let me offer some ideas and suggestions that may help.

Does it seem easier to stay where you are and put up with the things that you know are not great in your present location rather than find a new place that may not be much better? If you already know what is not right about your current situation and have been able to deal with it for this long, why go through the hassle and stress of finding a new place and moving?

Maybe it’s HVAC that is not performing properly and you are hot in the summer and frozen in the winter. But wait – that’s why they make those under desk models of heaters and fans, right? All you need is one more extension cord to get it positioned properly… Although the landlord does the best he can do, it’s still not right after three years.  Or possibly the plumbing is not working properly and you have a yearly corporate meeting that is about to take place in your suite. Oh great… Could be that you are tethered to a landline because there is poor cell reception in the area.  The people from corporate always love it when they have to stand outside in the heat / cold / rain to make a call or check messages.  Whatever the case may be, it seems easier to you to not make a change.

Let me help you get started with the decision making process.  One of the first things I suggest is to make a list!  You know – Pros and Cons – draw a line down the middle of the page and record Pros on one side of the paper and Cons on the other.  Take your time! This list does not have to be complete at the end of the hour, workday or the week. There is too much to consider, and you will not be able to think through it in one sitting. It does need to be complete at least three months before your current rental contact expires so you will have made a thoughtful decision with plenty of time to prepare either way.
Now that you have made the decision to think through your question of whether to relocate your office or not, there are other things to consider. Let’s use the Pro and Con columns on your page to help.

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