Dream client?

A client called to request help with a move. After over thirty years in one place, they were selling their home, downsizing, and moving to another state.

Now, you may begin to think this is a dream client. Before they contacted us for our services, they had already gone through the entire home – every drawer, every cabinet, the storage spaces, and the office – to remove everything they did not want to keep. Sentimental items had been removed, given to family members or friends, and the remaining items and furniture were available for an onsite sale.

We helped document each piece of art in the home by taking photographs and documenting sizes and artists. This information, in addition to purchase receipts, was sent to an auction house in another state.

One thing that was not typical with this move was the flood that had happened months before, requiring the homeowners to replace flooring in the downstairs part of the home. The space was emptied and belongings were sent to a warehouse for storage. Before they left the home, the homeowner took pictures of each item and documented the size and condition for their personal reference. A few glitches happened, as is usual, and a couple of months at the warehouse turned into a year. Having the photos taken earlier was excellent. They did not have to remember what was off site and the moving company could include those items in their estimate of the out of state move.

The main thing I want to share with this move example is this: Things Happen. There is no perfect move, unless it has been staged for television. However with advance planning and extra hands, even a big move can be relatively stress free.

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