Law Office Relocation, Part III

The move day went smoothly because the project checklist had been kept in focus during the entire project. When you categorize the project

Legal Advice Part I

Recently, in a meeting with a successful “30-something” tax attorney, I was discussing with him the things he wanted to change or improve in his practice. I asked him what was the most frustrating thing about his practice in which he quickly replied

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 5

Good listening skills help us avoid miscommunication with co-workers, which reduces stress and improves individual and office productivity. One of the listening issues I’ve found in many practices is that there is not time set aside on a daily basis for the people in the office to communicate face to face.

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 4

When we prioritize our tasks and schedule our time, we DO minimize Stress. Maintaining balance in our lives is so important and sometimes it is hard to do. Use a simple system to prioritize tasks, schedule your time for yourself, colleagues, and clients, and minimize stress by paying attention to ergonomic factors.

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 3

Over the years I’ve learned there are different learning types in most offices – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The people who are kinesthetic will be the least likely to want to convert to a total scanning system. These are the people who will re-print a scanned document to read it. In Lee’s Keys #3, improving efficiency, reducing steps is crucial to organizing your legal office.