The Great Quest to Be Organized

Could your disorganized work style lead to health problems? Yes, says Sandra Seick RN, the director of cardiovascular development with Providence Hospital. Chaos leads to stress, which takes itself out on the body. The primary organ affected by stress is the heart. Eat right, exercise and reduce your stress, advises Seick.

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 1

I have learned over the years that when you say the words “get organized”, different people will hear different things. One person may think “communication”, another person may think “spatial order” and another may think “time management.” Actually they are all correct; I will give you some Keys to remember when planning the systems in your law office.

Unclutter Your Space!

What is your definition of clear and simple? It means different things to different people. Over the years I’ve heard these words described as many different things such as