Go to the Cloud or Not???

The question is not an easy one for many businesses, but it’s not always an all or nothing situation.

Legal Advice Part I

Recently, in a meeting with a successful “30-something” tax attorney, I was discussing with him the things he wanted to change or improve in his practice. I asked him what was the most frustrating thing about his practice in which he quickly replied

The Great Quest to Be Organized

Could your disorganized work style lead to health problems? Yes, says Sandra Seick RN, the director of cardiovascular development with Providence Hospital. Chaos leads to stress, which takes itself out on the body. The primary organ affected by stress is the heart. Eat right, exercise and reduce your stress, advises Seick.

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 3

Over the years I’ve learned there are different learning types in most offices – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The people who are kinesthetic will be the least likely to want to convert to a total scanning system. These are the people who will re-print a scanned document to read it. In Lee’s Keys #3, improving efficiency, reducing steps is crucial to organizing your legal office.