Lee’s Keys © #5

…the WAY you speak often has a more lasting impact than the words you use.

Professional Organizers – The Old Hybrid?

“Professional organizers now are a hybrid mix of interior designer, schedule adviser and occupational engineer. Throw in a little psychology and lots of common sense, and a fairly accurate image of the modern-day professional organizer comes into focus”

Integrated Legal Office Systems Lead to Productivity, Part 5

Good listening skills help us avoid miscommunication with co-workers, which reduces stress and improves individual and office productivity. One of the listening issues I’ve found in many practices is that there is not time set aside on a daily basis for the people in the office to communicate face to face.

Upward Delegation … Is Your Business at risk?

A brief story of upward delegation. “When the center of power shifts from management to subordinate, it is not a productive situation.” Clear communication and understanding of each person’s role is crucial to preventing upward delegation. This is the first of three in a series.