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Clutter and chaos are stressful and by learning our individual organizing style, we can replace the anxiety and discomfort of out-of-control spaces with peaceful feelings. Getting and staying organized is completely within every person’s reach. You just need the right tools.

We offer a free consultation to homeowners and businesses so we can talk about your project and your goals.  During the consultation, we’ll discuss how to get your home or office spaces organized with systems in place to keep them that way. Then if you decide to continue, we’ll assign the professional organizer from our team who’s best able to help you. They’re all different, too!

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Directions for the Organizing Style Quiz

Read each of the following pairs of statements and quickly select either A or B, according to your initial reaction. Don’t spend time analyzing your answers- just go with your first impression. There is a key at the end to help you pinpoint your organizing style. We’re all different! Knowing your individual style is a powerful weapon against chaos and disorder in your home or office.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

Question 11

Question 12

How to Score your Quiz

Count your Left Brain points:

Count all the A’s of even-numbered questions.
Count all the B’s of odd-numbered questions.
Add them together.

Then count your Right Brain points.

Count all the A’s of odd-numbered questions.
Count all the B’s of the even-numbered questions.
Add them together.

Make sure your total of left and right brain points adds to 12


If your score is 5 to 7 for either Left Brain or Right Brain, this suggests well-developed thinking in both hemispheres of your brain.  You have balanced thinking skills.

If your score is 8 to 12 for either Left Brain or Right Brain, this suggests a greater preference for that hemisphere.

The higher your score on either side, the greater your preference for that hemisphere. So, these quiz scores help you determine what type of organizing assistance you need.

Your Organizing Style

If you are Right Brain dominant you may need help getting clutter under control.  Are your spaces really messy?  Do you spend a lot of time looking for things and information that you need?  Where are the keys?  I made a list, but where did I put it?  We have organizers who can help!

If you are Left Brain dominant and have a big occasion coming up, we can help!  You have all the lists made, and you know what needs to be done, but you’re entirely focused on learning the system at work. You need help pulling it all together so that people can actually ENJOY the occasion.  Let us help!

For those of you who have Balanced thinking, we have organizers who are skilled in helping you achieve your goals.  Motivation and direction are a big help in accomplishing goals step by step.  Don’t just start – complete the project!

Adapted from Organizing for the Creative Person, a book by Dorothy Lehmkuhl and Dolores Cotter Lamping, C.S.W.  Used with permission by Dorothy Lehmkuhl.

If you’d like help simplifying your life, getting control of your home or office, or learning to be more productive in the space you have, please contact us using the form below.  We’ll get in touch quickly and schedule a free consultation.  We can help!

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