I found an old article about what we do at OAI.

How old? August 1997!

Is it still relevant? YES!

Title: Organizers Clear Out Company Clutter

It talks about improving proficiency, getting organized and increasing efficiency in the business environment. Here are some snipets:

“Professional organizers now are a hybrid mix of interior designer, schedule adviser and occupational engineer. Throw in a little psychology and lots of common sense, and a fairly accurate image of the modern-day professional organizer comes into focus”

“I go in and look at the job, then determine the client’s needs based on what the client tells me,” Ms. Donald said. “Some have space needs, some have systems needs. Some just need to maintain or regain control of their clutter.”

“Every office has to be organized differently,” said Ms. Donald.

“If I had suggested the same organization with Equity Technologies that I have for this client, it would have caved in.” she said.

Equity Technologies is a fast-growing Mobile business run by Cathy Anderson-Giles, who retained Ms. Donald several months ago.

“We started out about seven years ago warehousing equipment for companies,” Ms. Anderson-Giles said.

As the company and related enterprises grew to more than 50 employees, Ms. Anderson-Giles said she needed to delegate more responsibility to her staff and reorganize her office operations.

She heard about Organizing Associates Inc. through a sister-in-law whose professor at [the] University of South Alabama had hired Ms. Donald.

“My sister-in-law was very impressed with the changes she saw in the way the professor was handling classes, meetings and schedules,” Ms. Anderson-Giles said. “Lee came in and studied the way we disseminate information, the way we communicate with each other and with customers. The main thing she helped me do personally was change my focus from being a manager to being a leader. She really helped me with that transition.”

According to Stephanie Denton, the national chairperson for NAPO who will be among the speakers at the upcoming conference in Point Clear, professional organizers assist everyone from the homeowner who can’t seem to get a garage straightened out to major corporations going through mergers.”

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