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At Organizing Associates, Inc we take pride in delivering a superior service. Below are examples of our work and testimonials

from our clients.

“I recently worked with Lee and her team on a remodeling project in Mobile. They are the best and know their stuff! Every aspect of the job was so organized and thorough. You are in good hands here!”  

                                                                                                                                                                                       -Janice Tipton Edwards, Interior Designer

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you showing me how to organize my life with the laundry room and closets you created for us. I took what I learned to my work space and transformed my work life as well. I can’t believe what a difference it has made and the peace of mind I now feel. No more frantically searching for things; everything is right where it’s supposed to be. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.”

– Meredith W. Rice

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More from our Clients

OAI was great with our move. They not only managed the entire move, combining 2 houses into one on a tight time frame, but also found a Master Plumber for us on a holiday weekend. When they left, the empty boxes and packing materials did also. Thank you OAI!

Leah Patrick

Organizing Associates has assisted me in organizing my office and work areas as well as developing a database of over 1000 recipes for companies such as Cooking Light, Betty Crocker, Better Homes and Gardens and McCormick. It gives me great pleasure to recommend the services of OAI to anyone wanting to greatly improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Nancy S. Hughes, Cookbook Author and Food Consultant

Lee Donald is a woman of many talents, boundless energy and enthusiasm for getting the job done right. Her ability to remain focused and engaged in all of the details of a major organization project are amazing. Her ability to work with others to make everything come to fruition makes her business the complete package. I have worked with Lee on several projects both at home and in the office. In each case her professionalism, respect for confidentiality and her ability to organize a major project have shone. Perhaps the most amazing project was the three day week-end in which we moved from the 16,000 square feet where our offices had been housed for almost 40 years to new office space. Lee and her team helped us organize the move, determine the best location for various aspects of the law firm, procure and install additional shelving and otherwise improve the organization of the Firm. She was also instrumental in making sure that on Monday morning when attorneys and staff arrived at work, every PC, telephone, printer, and dictation device was working properly, every piece of furniture was in the right place and enough of the pictures were hung for it to look like we had been here for weeks. I highly recommend Lee Donald and Organizing Associates for any business project that requires planning and organization.

Kathy Willis, Business Manager at Stone Crosby P.C.

Lee, words cannot express my appreciation for your help. It did not take much imagination to see I was drowning in a sea of paper and procrastination. You made the difference just in TIME!

Dennis J. Tucker, CFO / Secretary, Bullard Management Corporation

Thanks for the hard work.  Your team is great!” 

Bob Poncet, Lead, Program Control Office, Stennis Space Center, NASA

 I have gotten reacquainted with my kitchen and other areas of the house.  And, yes, things are moving along so much better than they were before.  You and your team did a great job for us.  It has made a huge positive difference!

Susan Jones, Engineer

Your ability to quickly assess our needs – sort through mountains of paper – and offer workable, cost effective solutions was without parallel. You were able to give us hands-on training for the ideas we have heard in seminars and read in many books. Equity Technologies is proud to be one of your many satisfied customers. 

C.S. Anderson-Giles, President/CEO, Equity Technologies, Inc

Implementing the changes you recommended has had such a positive effect on our office.

Dr. L. Beth Davis, Davis Dental Group

We have made good progress. I am encouraged to see some of the changes. We have more “harmony” and cooperation than we have ever had.

Greg Moorer, Pharmacist and Owner, Oak Ridge Pharmacy

I am light years from where I was just four months ago regarding control over my work load.  Then I was in gridlock and now the traffic is in line, it is lighter, and I can see the end of the tunnel.  Thank you for everything.  You have made a profound impact for good for me. Wish we had met when I was in the Senate!

William L. Roberts, CEO, Cogburn Health Services, Inc

By organizing our corporate office we have created significantly more time to focus on our strategic priorities instead of shuffling paper.

Archie R. McDonnell, Jr., President & CEO, Citizens National Bank

I worked with Lee one full day (or I should say she worked with me) and I learned more on how to get organized in that one day than I had in my 30+ years of having an office.  Her system is a life saver for anyone that has lots of filing and in banking, we do have lots of paper to file.  I would recommend her and her company to anyone.

Estelle Payne, Vice President, BancorpSouth Bank

Lee Donald of Organizing Associates, Inc. has helped us organize our active files, inactive files, and reference materials. She has also provided valuable recommendations to improve office efficiency and time management advice on an individual basis. We have been very pleased with the results of her work and have found her services to be extremely valuable to our company.

Keville Larson, RF/ACF, Larson & McGowin, Inc., Forest Managers & Consultants

This system has increased my productivity significantly as I used to spend more time searching the files than doing something with the information I retrieved. 

Jimmy W. Junkin, P.E., Waste Water Collection and Treatment Manager, City of Tuscaloosa

Thank you so much for assisting Daphne Utilities in the reorganization of our file system and map room. As you know, a public utility has many requirements that other companies do not have and we appreciate your consideration of these facts in your reorganization of the Utility. We look forward to using your company’s services in the future. 

A.E. Rigas, P.E., Director of Utilities


Thank you for all you have done to move us into our new offices. Within a year we have doubled the size of our business with your guidance and encouragement. 

Boozer Downs, Attorney

OAI has assisted our clients with the packing and organizing of very large amounts of personal property in matters involving decedents’ estates. This company has done a superb job on these difficult projects. We strongly recommend the services of OAI.

Robin Brigham Thetford, Attorney, Thetford and Thetford Attorneys At Law

OAI works extremely well with professional clients who are not always easy to work with.

I. David Cherniak, Member at Johnstone Adams, LLC

The manner in which you rearranged the office area was an added bonus. The room looks so much larger since you reorganized its contents, and it, too, brings pleasure now instead of the usual stress. You really have a gift and it is wonderful for you to share it and improve the lives of others in that way.

Katherine W. Willis, Law Office Manager

Lee came in and gave us great ideas and recommendations for the utilization of the space and staff we had. Taking Lee’s advice we have become more organized. We are utilizing the space we had to the fullest extent. I would highly recommend Organizing Associates, Inc. Thank you Lee!

Sharon Lane, Office Manager, Burns, Cunningham, Mackey & Fillingim, P.C.

Lee is a marvel. She sweeps through an office with mountains of files and paper and in a very short time converts the clutter to efficient and productive order. She helps change chaos to developed systems for time management, using the most up-to-date technology and assists office personnel in learning and participating in the new organization. I believe this translates to more money for your business and this is what we all want.

Mary E. Murchison, Murchison & Sutley, LLC, Attorneys at Law

It is so great to actually have a place to put things…and not have to invent a system that I may not even remember.

Fred Rogan, Director of Human Resources, Samford University

The patience and understanding provided to me by OAI staff allowed me to feel comfortable in sharing my messy lifestyle. My productivity has increased, and I have learned important skills that I continue to apply. I highly recommend OAI’s services to anyone who finds organizing challenging.

Marilyn Shank, Ph.D., Associate Professor Special Education

I can without hesitation recommend the services provided by Organizing Associates, Inc. to any school as well as any office. The transition is easy and well worth the benefits that will be reaped for the future.

Kathy B. Sellers, Principal, Central Elementary School

People are amazed at this system. It helps me to put my fingers on things quickly when I was never able to do so before. It is so easy to keep things in order! Thank you!

Deborah Marriott, Principal, Brewton Elementary School

I have to say that for the 1st time I feel like I have the appropriate tool that I need to get my paper in order!!!!!   I know it will take me a while to really get everything switched-over, but I am VERY encouraged at this point!   Thank you Lee, I know I would have never done this on my own. 

Joy Blevins, Home School Teacher

Lee, you are definitely a creative problem solver when it comes to organization. We are saving a lot of time and money by having the organization of our office automated.

Janice Malone, BNI Executive Director, Southern Alabama / Northwest Florida

My stress over finding paperwork is GONE!!! Thank you for helping me to use every minute of my day much more effectively. You have helped me to realize just how valuable my time is and my life is even more enjoyable.

Julia Annette Stanley

I can’t thank you enough. Your organizational skills and guidance are priceless!

Dean Bradwell, Corporate Chef

Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns and your advice. It is comforting to know that you are accessible. I appreciate your continued interest, commitment and staying in touch.

Burt Lattimore

I have never seen such a comprehensive system for office organization. Likewise impressive was your attention to the set-up process. I encourage anyone to consider Organizing Associates as their vendor of choice.

Edwin S. Presnell, President / CEO, Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, Augusta, Georgia

I am impressed with Lee’s accomplishments, and always enjoy the opportunity to work with her. I am confident in recommending her to my clients and am happy to do so. Her outlook is always positive and I am thrilled by her support and input. She is a true guru of organization!

Helen Moss, Automotive Marketing Attribution Data Insights Specialist

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