Improve Efficiency – Reduce Steps.

Store the items you use most closest to their point of use. Whether it’s storing your stapler on your desk or your spatula in the drawer, or hanging the keys near the door you use to go to the car, if you will determine the closest point of use and design your storage for the items around that area it will reduce steps and help you become more efficient.

Being efficient also means using schedules and your smart phone and computer for things you used to use paper planners and address books for. Learn to use the programs that help you with the work you do. This will serve you well. It will save time, and reduce clutter. I will admit that when the electricity is out for a period of time, I’ve known many people with paper planners and a land line to be able to continue their work without interruption. The lessons we learn!

Set up a good filing system at the office and at home, USE it, and teach others in your home to use it as well. Knowing how and where to put things away, and using a calendar to know when to take them out again are invaluable tools at work and at home. Color code the files for young students. Teaching them this one small thing will begin training your child and give them tools for a lifetime of organization. One day they and their bosses will thank you!

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