Think Vertically and Visually!

Look up – up the wall, up the desk area, up the closet door. Use that climate controlled space you are paying for even if it’s not flat! There are many organizational tools available to maximize vertical spaces. Determine the need and then decide upon the organizing tool to help. For instance, there are all kinds of over the door shoe storage containers, but have you thought about using these same tools to store office supplies as well? What about gift wrapping supplies or paper flier dividers? If you can see that you have what you need when you need it then you will not waste time or money to buy more.

And all those shelves or book cases that are in the area – have you thought about ways to maximize that space? There are so many options of dividers that are designed to work on bookshelves. Do you need to store sticky notes, or stationery, or pens? Look at the items you need to sort and store and then find the best shelf divider for your items. Don’t overlook standard metal bookends – they serve many purposes. Using the correct storage tools in your Waterfront Property© area will help you have more productive working space available because now you are using vertical space to your advantage.

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