Design your Waterfront Property © for Maximum Use

Your “Waterfront Property” is the most valuable space in your office and your home. It’s where you get your work done, whether it’s your desk at the office or the kitchen table at home. It’s the space where you accomplish your work. Are you right handed or left handed? Set up your Waterfront Property accordingly. For example, if you use a desk handset, place it on the opposite side of the desk or table as your dominant writing hand. When it rings, your writing hand will be available to take notes.

Think through the tasks you work on in this space and set it up properly for the things you are trying to accomplish. The job will be much easier. Be sure you have the tools and the equipment needed to do the task at hand. When you are finished, put things away so that you will be ready to do the next project on your list. You will thank yourself later.

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