Listen Well, Communicate Effectively

1) Be aware that the WAY you speak often has a more lasting impact than the words you use. Think through what you will say and HOW you will say it before initiating an important discussion of any kind. There are certain words and phrases that are good to use and others that are not based on the person you are talking with.

2) When someone is talking to you focus on the person talking. Make eye contact. Whether they are 4 or 40, it shows respect and helps you stay on the proper train of thought rather than planning what you will say next. If you need to remember to answer something being said, make a quick note and then re-establish eye contact.

3) Do not interrupt someone while they are speaking. They will appreciate being “heard”. If you don’t know the answer to their question or dilemma, be honest and say so! A polite answer that lets them know they have been heard and that you care enough to get back with them with an answer will serve you well in business and at home.

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