How difficult is it?

Leave a bad mood at home. Use business time to deal with business issues not personal ones.

This is a simple thing to say and not always so simple to do.

There are many variables and those may change daily depending upon the situations or extreme circumstances you may be facing in your life. But for this discussion we will focus only on the “routine” personal issues that so many people take to the office.

One issue is just being in a bad mood because of a negative comment or suggestion that someone made that is annoying to you. They didn’t like something you did or said and you let it interfere with your daily work by continuing to think about it and focus on the comment all day. It becomes a distraction and will take away from the quality of your work and increase the stress in your life.

According to Sandra Sieck RN, Director of Cardiovascular Development at Providence Hospital, “Chaos leads to stress, which takes itself out on the body.
The primary organ affected by stress is the heart.” So in order to reduce the stress on your heart, reduce the mental chaos in your life by refusing to let unnecessary comments affect your day. Take a walk during your lunch break and again when you get home. Exercise will usually help reduce the stress, and give you time to think clearly about the issue at hand without interruption.

Another issue that people take to the office is their personal relationships. Anything fitting into this category is best left at home and not discussed on the phone or otherwise at work. Remember – if you are texting and emailing during the work day regarding personal relationship issues, it is as if you are stealing time from your job.

Do not use the company computer or phone for personal communication. It’s a bad practice. Make time to handle these issues in private when on your lunch break or after hours; your co-workers will appreciate not having to listen to the details of your life that should remain private.

To change a bad mood before you arrive at the office try listening to upbeat music or audio books. Talk to a happy person while driving to work. Think of something enjoyable you will do over the coming weekend or a fun vacation you have taken in the past. Turn your thoughts to things that are positive and let go of the negative. You will be much happier, your work day will be much more enjoyable, and your co-workers will appreciate it.

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