Demolition is the Next Step to Organization

The new law office demolition has begun.  Opening the space has made a positive difference in the new office work flow, allowing for easy access to work areas, good storage, added filing, as well as space for client meetings.  One of the most important things with the new layout is the reduction of business machine noise, which will be a positive result of the move.

Decisions have been made regarding which person will occupy which space.  The next decisions to be made are where the existing furniture should be placed and whether or not any new furniture will be purchased.  The furniture representative has come by to measure spaces and has placed the furniture on the new office layout for approval.  Seeing where the existing pieces will fit they realized they would not need to order more at this time.

With the furniture layout drawings in hand, the next meeting is scheduled with the VOIP service representative and the electrician to determine outlet placement.  When that is done, the additional walls will be constructed and the outlets put in place.

Tip: One of the most important things to remember is that the predominant hand a person uses plays a crucial role in where their phone and computer keyboard are placed.  A person’s productivity is dramatically affected by this one decision.  Take time to get it right.

Next week we will look at the final construction stages before the move.

Demolition Entrance, Organizing Associates, Inc.

Demolition Entrance

Entrance room demolition, Organizing Associates, Inc.

Demolition Entrance II

Storage Room demolition, Organizing Associates, Inc.

Demolition Storage Room


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