Lee’s Keys #2 Think Vertically and Visually!


This includes:


1)      Separating items according to categories


2)      Designing vertical storage spaces specifically for the items being stored in them, and also for the persons using them the most


3)      LABEL EVERYTHING – there are many different ways to label, including docket number, client matter, dates, or a combination of these.  I’ve seen firms use them all. 


4)      Design a plan for the desktop organization of the computers in your firm.  When everyone has the same programs in the same order on their desktop, it is much easier to locate information in their absence. 


Many law offices don’t realize how much it costs for even one person to be disorganized.  To calculate the COST of disorganization in your office, you can go to the website www.eldonsolutions.com.  As an example, I put in an average salary of $45,000 in a company with 6 employees.


The cost of disorganization in that company 

per year was $33,750 – that is a lot of wasted money.


Did you know that a 1% improvement in office productivity equals 10% of the operating cost? Thinking Vertically and Visually leads us to Lee’s Key #3.






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