The question is not an easy one for many businesses. As with many things in business, it’s not always an all or nothing situation. The USPS has offered a television commercial to remind us that an online virus has never attacked a corkboard; and so we are much safer from cyber attack, identity theft, etc. if we keep the physical paper and know where to find it.

There are several things about this commercial that are true and give warm, fuzzy feelings to certain types of viewers. Yes, I agree with you that it would be great if the USPS could deliver on time and for a reasonable fee but that is another matter to be discussed later.

On the other hand, things placed on physical wall boards and in open trays on desks that tend to get covered up (translate “piles”) give us unpleasant thoughts of late fees, wasted time searching for the physical item, possibly missing a sale, as well as other stresses. According to the medical professionals, these are unhealthy scenarios for the heart.

Here are a few questions to help:

1. Are you kinesthetic? Do you LIKE to hold the paper, highlight it, make notes on it and place it in a binder for future use? Is the type of paper the information is printed on important for making decisions regarding your business?
2. Would you prefer to never see another piece of paper again? In your opinion, going to the Cloud is the ONLY way to conduct business, and you do not understand why everyone does not realize how vitally important it is to Go Green.
3. Are you a combination of the two?

If you enjoy using the computer to search for information, for communicating by sending email etc. but you are totally kinesthetic, you print each important email and keep almost every piece of important business paper there is. For you, having a system to keep the paper in order is important. Professions such as marketing and legal come to mind. There are many reasons for these businesses to keep certain types of information in printed form. For ideas and solutions to keep physical information together in a stylish and organized way, check out

Depending on the type of your business and your target market, there are many reasons and ways to go completely to the Cloud. If the Cloud is right for you, chose your favorite method and get going!

If you have a business that needs a combination of the two systems, check out and learn how you can effectively keep and FIND the physical items you need/want to keep while storing related information on the Cloud for future reference. You can have your paper and scan it too!

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