The Heart of Organizing

The Heart of Organizing

“Home.” For me, that word produces a variety of images and feelings: A safe place where I can truly be myself, relax, revive, and let down my guard. An environment that is comfortable, familiar, even inspiring. A refuge where I invite others to come for friendship,...

The Perfect Move?

A client called to request help with a move. After over thirty years in one place, they were selling their home, downsizing, and moving to another state. Now, you may begin to think this is a dream client. Before they contacted us for our services, they had already...

Work Styles

A recent poll on LinkedIn asked users what time of day they felt most productive.

Leave a Bad Mood at Home

You will be much happier, your work day will be much more enjoyable, and your co-workers will appreciate it.

Lee’s Keys © #5

…the WAY you speak often has a more lasting impact than the words you use.