U.S. Debt Downgrade

This article offers another educated viewpoint that is more encouraging than some.

Law Office Relocation, Part III

The move day went smoothly because the project checklist had been kept in focus during the entire project. When you categorize the project

The Organized Life

We recommend this book by Professional Organizer Stephanie Denton. Please read the brief book description below. You can click on the cover photo to place your order.

UCLA Offering New Class: Organizing Your Workspace

When people cut through the clutter in their workspace, it makes them feel more professional and accomplished,” said Lark, CEO of A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life. “They love their new space, they feel more productive and they feel like they can find everything. Some people treat their workspaces

Law Office Relocation, Part I

Recently, I received a call to help a small law firm move its offices. They were not moving far from their current location, but as I’ve learned over the years, the distance a firm is moving is not the most important thing. The same things have to be done to insure a “less stress”