Are you “always on”?

Are you “always on”?

Do you work 60+ hours a week and feel stuck in a cycle, rinse and spin perhaps? Do you have every good intention to manage your business needs, but at the end of the day you’ve accomplished substantially less than what you intended and you feel rung out, spinning out...

Leave a Bad Mood at Home

You will be much happier, your work day will be much more enjoyable, and your co-workers will appreciate it.

Where do you stand on seating?

Do you often hear complaints about shoulder, neck, leg and back pain from co-workers? Get to the bottom of things by checking out your chair.

The Great Quest to Be Organized

Could your disorganized work style lead to health problems? Yes, says Sandra Seick RN, the director of cardiovascular development with Providence Hospital. Chaos leads to stress, which takes itself out on the body. The primary organ affected by stress is the heart. Eat right, exercise and reduce your stress, advises Seick.