Legal and Government

Legal and Government

Dear Lee:

I would like to express the appreciation of our attorneys for the amazing work done by you and your staff to move our offices so efficiently.  Your ability to organize our move and to provide the right people at the right time to do what needed to be done enabled us to complete our move of 17,000 square feet while losing bill hours for only one day.  This was especially impressive because we had a last minute unforeseen need for additional shelving and other services that you were able to accomplish in record time. 

We appreciate the attitude, work ethic and capability of you and your staff.

Kathy Willis, Legal Administrator
Johnstone, Adams, Bailey, Gordon & Harris, LLC

"This move was without a doubt the easiest relocation we have experienced. Having OAI actually manage the move was a great decision. Not only did you handle the space design, the decorating, and the technology needs, but you managed the entire move process without a problem. Thank you for minimizing our down time and letting us focus on our practice." 

Michael T. Estep
Attorney At Law
Donald & Estep, L.L.C.

"Lee came in and gave us great ideas and recommendations for the utilization of the space and staff we had. Taking Lee’s advice we have become more organized. We are utilizing the space we had to the fullest extent. I would highly recommend Organizing Associates, Inc. Thank you Lee!" 

Sharon Lee
Office Manager
Burns, Cunningham, Mackey & Fillingim, P.C.

"Lee is a marvel. She sweeps through an office with mountains of files and paper and in a very short time converts the clutter to efficient and productive order. She helps change chaos to developed systems for time management, using the most up-to-date technology and assists office personnel in learning and participating in the new organization. I believe this translates to more money for your business and this is what we all want." 

Mary E. Murchison
Attorney At Law

"When I called you to come to our office the goal at that point was to get a Rolodex on each desk ... What happened was that you encouraged growth and expansion…and within a year we had doubled the size of our business.  We now understand the benefits of office flow and space design because of OAI." 

B. Boozer Downs
Attorney At Law
Downs and Associates, LLC

"OAI has assisted two of our clients with the packing and organizing of very large amounts of personal property in matters involving decedents’ estates.  They have done a superb job on both of these difficult projects.  We strongly recommend the professional services of OAI." 

Robin Brigham Thetford
Attorney At Law
Thetford and Thetford

"I appreciate your quick response and working with me on the purchase order. As you know this is the third entity that I have worked where we have ordered Paper Tiger. In my new position as License Commissioner for Tuscaloosa County I do not want to be without Paper Tiger for one day longer than I have to. I can?t live without it! Please ship my new Paper Tiger as soon as possible. Thank you for your friendly personable service."

Jeff Brown
License Commissioner
Tuscaloosa County

"We are working in the Minute Room files as we speak. I love this filing system. We're also in the process of getting the new furniture in. Thank you for all your help. "

Alex Dudchock
County Manager
Shelby County

"Lee, 2 years later, we are still software advocates. Pam is able to retrieve documents in minutes that would have taken hours, I am trying to keep my "waterfront" clear, but it is always a challenge."

Christopher L. Lee
Executive Director of Administrative Services
City of Mobile

"Lee Donald of Organizing Associates has been wonderful! We, of course, are just getting started with our organizing project, but things are going really well. We hope to expand within our offices as well as into other departments.  She is g-g-g-r-r-r-e-e-a-a-t-t! :-)" 

Denise Jernigan
City Clerk / Treasurer
City of Saraland