Chamber or Commerce

Chamber or Commerce

"I appreciate the time you spent helping me get organized, and thank you for your patience and persistence. I am not only more efficient, but hopefully more effective as well." 

Winthrop M. Hallett, III
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

"I have never seen such a comprehensive system for office organization. Likewise impressive was your attention to the set-up process. I encourage anyone to consider Organizing Associates as their vendor of choice."

Edwin S. Presnell
President / CEO
Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce
Augusta, Georgia

“I highly recommend Organizing Associates, Inc. to any business. Your product and services represent a force-multiplier that is incalculable in terms of cost savings and increased daily production. Clearly I look forward to working with your company in the future as we undertake even larger projects.” 

Terry H. Carter
President & CEO
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce