Residential Organizing Services in Alabama

Residential Services

OAI provides organizing and consulting services for homes and estates. Contact our friendly staff for more information on how we can help you organize your kitchen, closet, or entire home.

Our Approach Often Includes: 

  • Kitchen or Closet Space/ Design
  • Home Office Setup/ Design
  • Planning for Storage and Furniture Needs
  • Develop Systems for Home Management
  • Whole Home Organization
  • Home Inventory
  • Garage and Storage Unit Organization/ Inventory
  • Estate Inventory or Relocation Services  

Organization is 3 Simple Steps Away: 

  • Step 1 - Initial Consultation
  • Step 2 - Review Action Plan
  • Step 3 - Schedule a Start Date  

Now, you are on a path to successful organization and better utilization of your time and resources. More questions? Contact us! 

Residential Projects

This closet was a complete change from the one closet with louvered bifold doors. Added space gets this couple out the door in a less stressed environment.

This photo shows the right side of hall closet 2. It’s a his and hers clothes closet so that they can share the space while their Master Bath / Closet Suite is being built. There are two shelves above the top hanging rod and small adjustable shelves down the side for shoe storage. Double adjustable hanging allows for changes due to clothing sizes so that she can add another shelf at the top as needed on her side of this closet.  

Client Quote

"Thank you!!! We love the closets. They have seriously changed our lives!"

This is the closet Client A decided to use for all types of linens, storage containers for decorative items for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, suitcases, swim gear, beach towels, and household items such as light bulbs, tissues, batteries, and flashlights, among other things.

Shelves are deep enough to hold quadruple the amount of items the shelf held previously.  Homeowners can see what they need and know where to put it back because now all items have a “home”.  

You can see the space left open in the back right corner for the future installation of a water heater to service a nearby bath.  There are a few screws that will need to be removed for easy installation.

Update – the water heater has now been installed and the homeowner reports no problems with removing and replacing the shelving for the installation.

Playroom Closet

When we first saw this closet it was packed with all types of toys, action figures and accessories without a place to “live” and so many costumes on the floor it was impossible to see the missing Lego pieces before stepping on them. 

This design allows for action figure storage, associated swords, board game storage, puzzles, Lego storage boxes and even a place to hang the costumes – right beside the hunting clothes!

This view shows shoe storage on her side of the closet. Since she is left handed it creates easy access.

This client has two large, deep closets on a long hallway.  The closets were not as useful as they could be due to sagging hanging rods, only one shelf across the top, and lots of wasted space. We discussed the types of things they would ideally like to store in these two areas and the designs for each closet were based on those conversations. 

Garage Project

This double car garage now has much more space to store items like a table saw and other tools now that the boxes are unloaded and off the floor.  The homeowner had stacking shelves and we used their shelving in addition to purchasing other units to keep things off the floor.  

This project included unpacking and organizing a home, including a work room, a home office, an upstairs studio, dining room and the kitchen. The photos shown are of the garage. When that space was unpacked and set up, it allowed for container storage from the other parts of the house.  

Quote from Cabinets by Mark

"I absolutely love seeing our customers overjoyed with our work. This sweet family had tears after seeing their custom closets. WOW! WOW! WOW! All kinds of storage was being wasted before Mrs. Donald’s storage solution and now maximized and functional storage is being utilized. Installing some more of Mrs. Lee Donald's storage solutions."

Photos taken DURING the Client’s installation: (click here) 

Client Quote:

"We are over the moon! I was out of the house so much quicker this morning because I didn’t have to wait 15 minutes looking for everything before leaving. It was all in its place.  I feel overjoyed today.  So, so happy!!!  God is so good!"