Business Organizing Services Alabama

Business Services

OAI has a complete range of organizing and consulting services to meet your business or corporate needs. Contact our friendly staff for assistance or for more information on how we can help you organize your business world.

Our Approach Often Includes:

  • Office Space/Design
  • Office Set up and Furniture Needs
  • Technology Solutions for Improved Office Communication
  • Assessment of Ffiling and Storage Needs
  • Records Management Services
  • Computerized Tracking of Paper Records
  • Digital Scanning Systems to Convert and Maintain Paper Records
  • Internet Phone/Fax/Data Integration
  • Electronic Communications
  • Website Development
  • Office Relocation Services

Organization is 3 Simple Steps Away:

  • Step 1 - Initial Consultation
  • Step 2 - Review Action Plan
  • Step 3 - Schedule a Start Date

Now, you are on a path to successful organization and better utilization of your time and resources. More questions? Contact us!


 Business Projects

With friendly customer service, up to date inventory, and good prices, sometimes a business still wants to attract new foot traffic in a positive way.  For these businesses it was as simple as adding beautiful planters and attractive seating outside their stores. Foot traffic increased, as have sales. Congratulations! 

 Adding seating and plants make an inviting shop entrance

Before view of a walkway project

A concrete back entrance walkway with a new overhang was added to help with rainy day deliveries.

This photo shows progress on the walkway of the back parking lot of a commercial building.

Progress on the interior ramp for the back door walkway.