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Q: You said it would happen and it did - my computer crashed!  Just wanted you to know that I had followed your advice and completely backed up everything before it happened, which made the recovery process a little less painful.  My question is this, what do I do with all of the backups? 

A: Make copies of the backups to keep in your office and move the originals OFF SITE into the media vault of a certified records management center.  The information is not going to help you if it gets damaged in any way, and smoke will damage as badly as fire.   

Q: Why doesn't Microsoft have a pop up to tell you when your deleted items folder is full so that you know it's time to empty or archive?  I spent hours permanently deleting old messages so that I could receive new ones.  I could have been working!

A: I can't answer for Microsoft, but I can remind you that scheduled e-mail maintenance is part of good business organization.  Office equipment should be maintained like our vehicles - regular checkups, clean filters, and fluids changed as needed.  And remember to clean out the trunk (deleted items folder) regularly. 

Q: I am a hard worker and I like my job, but sometimes my boss drives me crazy by repeatedly changing his mind about what needs to be done first and how he wants reports presented.  How do I tell him he just needs to make up his mind?  I can only focus on one project at a time, and I need uninterrupted time to complete it. 

A: Find a time that is not a busy time for either of you and talk to him about it!  Leave your emotions out of the conversation.  Knowing that you like your job and that you want to be a good employee will go a long way in your discussions. 

Q: Why do I need a professional organizer?

A: With fresh ideas and a vision for the finished product, we are able to see things the way they will be before the transformation occurs.  We will lead you in the right direction to achieve the creative solutions you desire. Don't waste your time in a disorganized state any longer! Let OAI share their years of organizing experience with you.  Get results! 

Q: Can I organize my office/business and still keep working? 

A: When OAI comes in, we help you not only design the new system, we implement it with you, step by step.  Too busy to participate?  That's ok - we will keep working and check back with you frequently to be sure we remain on the same page.  You never have to lose time with implementation.

Q: Why should I call OAI for my organizing needs? 

A: Since 1992, OAI has been in the business of helping others become better organized.  We help you maintain the systems developed for your office and continue to tweak them along the way for greater efficiency.